Most Forgiving Drivers of 2021

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Harvey Penick discovered an undeniable truth about the game of golf and the human nature of golfers. He said . . .

“In golf, your strengths and weaknesses will always be there. If you could improve your weaknesses you could improve your game. The irony is that people prefer to practice their strengths.”

People prefer to stand on the range and try and hit the ball as far as they possibly can. They don’t want to do drills, hit it thirty yards less and try and intentionally fade or draw.

A golfer knows he can hit is a long way but not accurate, yet he still just continues to just keep trying to hit it further and further.

That’s where equipment can come in. Drivers that are being manufactured today with technology that maximizes forgiveness.

Some of this is done because of the pure laziness of people who choose not to work on their game. Some of this is done for the weekend golfer short on time who doesn’t have the time or the knowledge to fix that slice.

Lastly, it’s done to try and make this crazy game we all love just a bit more enjoyable!

The most forgiving driver of 2021 is the TaylorMade M6 Driver. This diver checks all the boxes when it comes to length, forgiveness and even feel.

Read on to find out more about the M6 and a few other top forgiving drivers that we have found.

Our Most Forgiving Game Improvement Drivers In 2021

Most Forgiving Driver: TaylorMade M6

This driver was manufactured to test the limits on both ball speed and forgiveness. In years past manufacturers were mass-producing drivers to all be as close to the legal limit as possible without going over.

With the introduction of the Speed Injected Twist Face, each driver is calibrated to make sure it’s as close to the legal limit as possible.

Twist Face Technology is just a new curvature on the face of the driver. It’s likely not something you have given much thought to in the past. The face of the driver is not just about how large it is but the bulge on it, and the shape is extremely important as well.

The twist face helps produce more consistent spin in the areas where golfers miss the most. (High Toe and Low Heel)

The M6 also comes equipped with the HammerHead 2.0. This is simply the slot that you can see on the bottom of the driver. The combination of this with the Speed Injected Twist face has led to a much larger sweet spot and more consistent ball speed on mis-hits.

As we all know, ball speed is the name of the game for producing maximum distance. In a forgiving driver, you are going to want something that produces higher ball speeds not just on perfect strikes but when you miss it as well.

Besides being one of golf’s longest drivers, the M6 provides this level of forgiveness as well. A perfect option if you need a seriously forgiving driver.

Read our TaylorMade M6 Driver review.

Runner Up 1: Cobra F9 Speedback Driver

The first runner up for the most forgiving driver of 2021 is the Cobra F9 Speedback. At first glance this doesn’t seem like this would be as forgiving as some other options but several things make it one of the best driver options out there.

Firstly the F9 Speedback is highly adjustable. Two weights allow you to adjust the center of gravity.

The center of gravity position can be set up to promote a mid to low launch with low spin or a mid to high launch and mid-spin. The loft on the F9 is also adjustable for your swing.

The F9 Speedback is an improvement from the F8 model. Although the F8 model was forgiving it was not nearly as long as this F9 speed back is. With several premium shaft options, this Driver can be configured to work for any player.

The F9 speed back features a CNC milled face, the only driver on the market that advertises this technology. Having a machine mill the face on the Driver allows them to get face thicknesses and curvatures much more precise.

In the game of golf, there are the purists who don’t want technology in the form of fitting systems and range finders, etc. Then there are the golfers who can’t get enough of the latest and greatest technology. The Cobra F9 Speedback is perfect for a tech-savvy individual.

Cobra offers the CobraConnect technology which will allow you to track your drives via an app on your phone.

This golf club features a device in the grip that helps you know know what loft/center of gravity setup is giving you the best results.

This is one of the best features being offered in the golf market today, what good is adjustability if you can’t tell which way to adjust it?

Read our Cobra F9 Speedback Driver review.

Runner Up 2: TaylorMade M2 Driver

The second runner up for the most forgiving driver available today is the TaylorMade M2.

The M2 is not a new release.

Some may wonder how something that is not a new release still be considered one of the most forgiving drivers on the market.

This driver is just easy to hit. It has been since it was released and it still is today. It’s a perfect affordable option for beginners and it also works for people looking for an affordable upgrade from an older model.

The M2 is similar to the M6 and it delivers the perfect combination of distance and forgiveness. The M2 features an improved speed pocket that is three times more flexible than it was in the original M2.

There are not many shaft options for the M2 but the loft is adjustable with this driver. A very interesting fact about M2 is that even when the new M4 and M5, and M6 models were released, many chose to stay with the M2.

The center of gravity in the M2 is very low, allowing for better launch and lower spin. If you tend to hit the ball slightly off-center on the clubhead this Driver is doing everything it can for you to still have a decent shot.

Another improvement from the original M2 is that this Driver is 7 percent lighter and has a larger clubface. It’s interesting that even working within the limits of the 460 cc clubhead size, manufacturers are finding ways to increase the moment of inertia.

As far as forgiving drivers are concerned this one will remain on the top for quite some time.

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Callaway Rogue Draw

Best Driver For Fixing A Slice

The slice is probably the most annoying shot in the game of golf. The worst part about the slice is that it sometimes feels good coming off the clubface and then you just watch it turn more and more and more. It is painful to watch.

Sure there are lots of swing corrections that can be done to make sure the clubface is sitting at the correct angle at impact. Sometimes as hard as you try, especially towards the end of your round, the slice is going to show up.

So why not choose a Driver that is set up to aid you in fixing your slice.

The Callaway Rogue Driver is already forgiving and now they close the clubface a little to help get the club square at impact.

The Rogue Draw driver still features that Jailbreak Technology for optimal MOI (moment of inertia).

When this driver was first released the core Callaway fans were excited and spent close to $500 on this club. Today the price has dropped quite a bit making it a much better option for fixing a slice.

Although it’s not quite as long as the Epic Flash series this golf driver will give you plenty of ball speed and help fix that slice swing at the same time.

The Rogue does come with several shaft options as well making it a good option for those looking for something that feels a bit more custom.

Titleist TS2

Best Adjustable Driver for Game Improvement

Titleist has never been known for being the most forgiving driver on the market. That has changed recently.

Titleist’s fitting system is my favorite on the market. It could be that Type A, OCD personality but nothing helps me more than a chart.

The chart used to properly set your Titleist Driver’s with the correct weights and lofts is so simple and easy to work with. These custom settings allow so many variables only adding to its forgiveness factor.

The Titleist TS2 model comes equipped with both the Sure Fit CG and the Sure Fit Hosel. The Sure Fit CG allows you to change the Center of Gravity of the club, by repositioning the weights provided.

The Sure Fit Hosel allows you to adjust the loft and the lie. These combinations can allow the club to set up as more fade bias, more draw bias, etc.

So how does adjustability affect the forgiveness on a club?

Let’s say that no matter how many lessons you take and no matter how many times you practice it on the driving range you just can’t get rid of your draw. Sure, some people want a draw but for you it’s a 10/15 yard draw. It is getting difficult to continually have to plan for it when you swing.

With the TS2 you can set the Driver to be more Fade bias by flattening the lie angle and sometimes increasing the loft as well. There you have it, your driver just made itself more forgiving, more fitted to your swing with the turn of a wrench.

In the past, many mid handicap golf enthusiasts would have looked past the Titleist clubs assuming they were for the pros. Now, not only does Titleist make one of the longest driver in golf, but it’s also extremely forgiving.

Read our Titleist TS2 Driver review.

Callaway X Hot

Most Forgiving Budget Driver

This is probably not a Driver that you have heard much about this year. The Callaway X Hot Driver doesn’t even get close to the recognition that the Epic Flash and the Callaway Rogue get.

This Driver offers Optifit Technology so it is somewhat adjustable. It does have a VFT face (Variable Face Thickness) to promote forgiveness and give it that low center of Gravity.

This Driver is not designed for those with very fast swing speed. It’s built for the golfer looking for an affordable upgrade from their previous technology.

It still has plenty of ball speed and it could be a club that works better for you than other options you truly never know until you try.

Is the Callaway X Hot Driver the longest golf driver on the market, No. Is it the most forgiving driver on the market, No. However for the price and all things considered this is still a top driver.

If you can get everything you need in a Driver for half the price of some of the more recognized models it’s certainly hard to pass up.

Read our Callaway X Hot Driver review.

Cobra F Max Superlite

Most Forgiving Driver for Seniors

The best options in a forgiving driver for a senior player are always going to be those that are considered to be swing speed-enhancing light clubs. The Cobra F Max Superlite is one of the most lightweight golf clubs on the market this year.

When designing the F Max Superlite, Cobra not only found a way to make the clubhead lighter but they also made the grip and shaft lighter. Resulting in a club that is a lot less weight than any of their previous golf clubs.

With the back heel weight on this club, players can expect to see a higher launch angle and greater ball speed.

When a Senior player’s swing speeds start to slow there is not much control he or she will have over it. This is when it is necessary to take advantage of the latest technology and product.

This Driver does come in both an offset and a straight neck model as well. If you tend to slice the ball you are going to want to pick the offset model. Hit it straight but just looking for something to fly a little longer? The straight neck should be just fine.

Cobra F7

Best Forgiving Driver For Women

Just as we did with the M2 Driver earlier we have to go a few years back to find the most forgiving driver for women. The Ladies Cobra F7 Driver was a most forgiving club put out by King Cobra.

This Driver is highly adjustable with a CG weight that can be put in the back, middle or front of the clubhead.

Cobra used their most popular carbon fiber crown on this club and it has resulted in much less weight than previous models. The loft on the Driver, (like most on the market today), is completely adjustable. There are three different settings to play around with.

The Driver does come with the MYFLY8 and SmartPad 8 which help to manage these loft settings.

The Cobra F7 also comes with Cobra connect so you can track how the changes you are making to the club are affecting your golf game.

The F7 Driver, because it is not the newest release is one of the more affordable drivers on the market today.

What to look for when Picking The Most Forgiving Golf Drivers?

So you know you need a forgiving club, you have been told this by your golfing partner or you have officially lost enough golf balls to call it a day!

There are lots of ways to pick a driver that is correct for you but we wanted to provide some insight on the things to look for when picking the best game improvement driver.

Club Head Size and Weight

In years past there were clubs that came with much smaller, less forgiving heads. That has mostly changed. The legal limit on clubhead size is 460 cc. Almost all companies are using this 460cc to get you the maximum distance and forgiveness out there.

There are some tour models like the TaylorMade M5 Tour Drivers that will be slightly smaller. Although this option is one of golf longest drivers, it is not the most forgiving golf club on the market.

If you are looking for pure forgiveness in a club head stay away from the tour models.

Weight is going to vary from player to player. Some very fast swingers are going to need a more forgiving driver but most will also need something a bit heavier to get them the most distance they are capable of at impact.

If your idea of forgiveness is that you are not hitting the ball far enough because of off-center hits than it does make sense to look at some of the lighter models. Potentially looking at a regular shaft if you are not already playing one.


In my opinion, just by having an adjustable loft a driver is more forgiving than something that doesn’t. Drivers today have Centers of Gravity that can be adjusted, lie angles and lofts. So why does this make things more forgiving.

You would be very surprised to see the results when changing just the loft for a player that slices the ball. A mid Handicap golfer swinging a stiff 9.5 Driver, can switch to an 11.5 and his slice will likely be less.

Now does he want to play an 11.5 degree, probably not but it’s an important concept to understand. It’s the same concept that makes your 7 iron easier to hit than your 5 iron.

As you decrease loft, speed must stay the same or even increase to promote the same results. If you are serious about forgiveness, and you want options in your bag, choose the drivers with adjustability.

Shaft Options

Luckily most of the major manufacturers offer some incredible stock shaft offerings with their drivers. The biggest thing you will want to pay attention to when choosing the correct shafts is flex and kick point.

If you are slicing the ball every time with your current drivers it could very well be that the shaft is just too stiff for you. Try something in a Regular and see if that helps. A general rule of thumb is that the more flexible a shaft gets the more forgiving it is as well.

With the kick point, it’s important to think of opposites. So if you hit the ball high you are going to want something with a high kick point to bring the ball back down. Should hit it low, look for drivers that offer a low kick point to increase launch angle.


Remember that the longer the ball stays in the air the further it will fly. The misconception that these low lofted drivers will just roll forever is just wrong. If this were the case you would see companies making clubs with 7.5 or 8-degree lofts all the time, and you just don’t.

The higher the loft the more forgiving the club will be. If you continue to increase loft too much you might as well be hitting a 3 wood off the tee. A standard forgiving loft is the 10.5. If you are a golfer who struggles to keep shots in the fairway, you should look to get something around the 10.5 range.


The winner of our most forgiving drivers study was very clearly the Taylormade M6. This club combines the highest levels of technology to get you everything a club can to keep the ball in the fairway.

You have to remember that this company is actually making clubs illegal and then injecting resin in the clubface to make them just barely legal before they ship them out to you. Sounds like that is some forgiveness that you could use in your bag!

If the M6 is not a fit for you don’t forget the TaylorMade M2 (essentially an older less expensive model of the M6) or the Cobra F9 Speedback Driver which is one of the most technologically advanced drivers that Cobra has ever released.

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