Cobra King F7 Driver Review 2021

Cobra has always been one of my favorite drivers. I liked that they were sneaky long and forgiving but somehow still maintained great feel.

Many lower handicap players overlook them because they have great options for the higher handicap golfer. This F7 Driver has been redesigned to be lighter, more forgiving and has better launch.

Potentially one of the most important things about the F7 driver is brand new arccos Cobra Connect technology.

This is a huge jump in technology and the partnership with Arccos has proven so successful that the F8 and F9 have all had this same technology.

Cobra Connect is an app that can be downloaded onto your phone and it will allow you to track how you are hitting your drives. Even after all the information we will give in this King F7 Driver Review you need to be able to review how YOU hit the club.

Arccos has allowed this to be a reality with the addition of a tracker installed in the grip that submits real-time information to your phone about how you are hitting the ball.

It’s great to know how many yards you hit it, or your shot shape but it becomes super important with the adjustable weights.

Tracking how each weight position affects your shot is a very powerful tool that other companies are not currently offering.

cobra f7 driver

Cobra King F7 Driver Review

In this Cobra F7 driver review, we will try to break down both the positives and negatives of this golf club and help you determine if it would be a good fit for your game. 

Features and Benefits

Player Handicap

Golfers with mid to high-level handicap will like this club, and it will have the technology you need to make a difference in your game.

The Cobra Driver F7 is a significant improvement from the Cobra F6 Driver as far as distance and forgiveness. If you are playing the F6 and don’t love it, you will be pleasantly surprised with the F7.


Cobra thought of everything when it comes to adjustability on this driver.

The Loft, Center of Gravity and Lie are all adjustable to your swing with this F7.

As far as the settings are concerned, when you move the weights around you can set the club three different ways.

  • Front CG Setting: More roll and workable
  • Middle CG Setting: More carry and workable
  • Heel CG Setting: Mid Carry/ Roll & Draw Bias

These settings make the Cobra King F7 Driver a good fit for a large range of players

Compared to the F6 and even the future F8 model, the F7 is a very good option from an adjustability standpoint.

Shaft Options

The Cobra King F7 Driver comes stock with a Fujikura Pro 60 Shaft. This shaft is a mid-launch, mid-spin shaft available in X, S, R, and Lite.


The clubhead on the Cobra King F7 Driver is a black carbon fiber material. This same material is what made the F7 so light compared to other models, and gives it the room for the adjustable weights.

The feel on this driver can change based on the setting. Many lower handicap golfers consider part of feel as the ability to work the ball.

With the weight in the Front or Mid Settings, you can work the ball quite a bit and determine your ball flight. Not if the club is set with the weight in the heel, you won’t be able to work the ball quite as much.

The Cobra King F7 Driver has a distinctive crack noise, it sounds good. When compared to the F6 driver the F7 does sound better. Sound can be a tricky thing when it comes to golf drivers. What sounds good to one person might not to another.


I’m sure there are some of you that scroll right down to the distance section of the review.

Distance when it comes to a golf club is extremely important, I get that. Just be sure to keep in mind as we go through this cobra F7 driver review that there are lots of other things to take into consideration.

The Cobra King F7 Driver is longer than the F6. The lighter clubhead and weight savings let to more speed. If you can swing it faster you can hit it further.

The F7 is not as long as the newest cobra release the F9 Speedback Driver. There were a few years of technology between these two models and when they are compared the F9 is quite a bit longer.


As I have mentioned in another review, the forgiveness on an adjustable clubhead is always going to be more than those that are not.

The ability to adjust a few settings and have a club that fits better to your swing is a huge factor in forgiveness.

I love that this F7 Driver was made to be lighter, have better ball flight and that clean sleek black carbon fiber head. Without adjusting any sole weights to be fit for you, this club is naturally quite forgiving.

The F6, the King F7 Drivers and even the F8 Drivers that Cobra has put out are all very forgiving. The F9 although forgiving, also has the length to compete with the Callaway and TaylorMade drivers on the market.


When companies release their next model the previous models will drop in price. Not long after the F7 was released Cobra came out with the F8 and now they are on to the F9.

They have now stopped producing the F7 so they can be a little harder to find. The F8 are fairly easy to find at a low price but do not feature the same adjustability that you will find with the F7.

As the brand new 2020 models come out the F7 Speedback should continue to drop even lower.

Check out the video review below:


If the Cobra Drivers F7 are not for you, then we have you covered with a few other options to consider.

TaylorMade M2 Driver

Distance and forgiveness are similar on the M2 Driver. Developed the same year as the F7 so technology and price point are comparable.

Speed pocket technology for some extra ball speed and jump off the clubhead.

Adjustable loft in the hosel but no adjustability with the Center of Gravity.

Read our TaylorMade M2 Driver review.

Cobra F9 Speedback

Following the natural progression of technology in Driver, the F9 Speedback is quite a bit more advanced than the F7 and comes at a higher price point as well.

With the F8 Model that Cobra released they removed the adjustable Center of Gravity and just had it fixed in one central location. This was done to save some weight and hopefully get some added distance over the F7.

This worked but anyone rating drivers would tell you that the F8 is still not a considerably long driver.

The F9 was similar to the speed project that Titleist did when they had to figure out a way to get ball speed and forgiveness in the same golf club.

The shaft options on the F9 are quite extensive giving it some increased performance over the F7.

Read our Cobra F9 Speedback Driver review.

Callaway Rogue Men’s Driver

The Rogue is longer than the F7. It has several years of increased technology but there is no other way to say it then this is just a long club.

The forgiveness is going to be about the same as the F7, and the Rogue has less adjustability.

Shaft options on the Rogue will be more extensive than the F7 as it is a current model still being produced by Callaway. The Rogue has not done as well as the Epic Flash model and because of that the price is slightly less.

It’s still, however, a great option especially now that the price is lowering.

Read our Callaway Rogue Driver review.


Every year when a company releases their new products they claim they are more forgiving, longer, bigger sweet spot, better sound etc.

Sometimes they are right and the new club is all of these things. Other times, it makes no sense to upgrade.

After hitting this Driver, talking with many others who play this club, this is a smart upgrade if you are currently hitting the F6.

The F7 is better. It fixes the issues with adjustability, it added in the cobra connect technology and it is longer.

The F7 is a club that is certainly worth the upgrade, it is a fair value-packed with a ton of improvements and top of the line technology.

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