Best Lightweight Golf Bags in 2024

Walking and playing golf is getting more and more popular. The number of calories burned while playing golf is quite significant, and players realize that walking is an excellent form of exercise.

Without a lightweight bag walking the golf course is nearly impossible.

We have put together our favorite options for the best lightweight golf bags on the market.

Our Best Lightweight Golf Bags in 2024

Best Lightweight Golf Bag: Callaway Hyperlite Zero Stand Bag


  • Available in lots of colors
  • Plenty of pockets
  • 4 way full length divider
  • Double back strap


  • Priced a little higher than other options

At the top of our list is the Callaway Golf Hyper-Lite Zero Lightweight Stand Bag. This is, without a doubt, a premium golf bag that has everything you need to walk the golf course in both comfort and style. 

The Hyper Lite Zero only weighs three pounds, and it has seven pockets. There are various size pockets so you can organize your golf bag accordingly.  The Hyper Lite Zero has a valuable pocket and an individual cell phone sleeve as well. 

The strap system on the Hyper Lite Zero is one of the things that truly sets it apart. It is a padded system, and it has an X-Act Fit Strap System.

The bag will stay balanced on your back, and like all double strap options, it will reduce the load you are carrying. 

The four-way top on the Callaway Hyper Lite will help keep your clubs from rubbing against each other. This is one of the lightest golf bag choices for golfers that want easy access to their club and a high-quality carry bag.

Runner Up 1: Cobra 2020 Ultralight Stand Bag


  • Eight pockets
  • Lots of colors available
  • Easy to carry
  • Insulated beverage pocket


  • Weighs 4.5 pounds, Callaway bag is lighter

If the Callaway golf bag is not for you, Cobra has a very good option that should be considered. It’s also going to save you a little bit of money from the Callaway stand bags.

The Cobra Ultralight has a five way top with full length dividers and a top grab handle. 

You will have plenty of room to store your apparel and anything else you plan to bring along in your carry bag. The shoulder strap on the Cobra Ultralight is a quick release type that makes it easy to put on and take off your golf bag. 

Another important factor on the Cobra Ultralight is the Coolflow foam hip pad. When bags continually rest on your hips they can cause some fatigue. It is a good idea to look for a bag that has these added supports to help make things a bit easier on the golfer. 

We also love the styling on this bag and the number of color choices you get. This is a carry bag that will likely outlast the golf clubs that you store in it. 

Runner Up 2: Sun Mountain 3.5 Ls Golf Stand Bag


  • Nice double strap
  • Perfect size
  • Water resistant cell phone pocket


  • Not much separation at the top

Sun Mountain is known for being one of the best manufacturers of golf bags in the golfing world. They make many stand bag options, but we really like this 3.5 Ls for the golfer that wants something more lightweight. 

The Sun Mountain 3.5 Ls comes with a valuable pocket that is not only velour-lined; it is also water resistant. You also get a full length apparel pocket to make sure you are prepared for any weather situation out on the course. 

The X-Strap system is a double strap system that helps to make sure you can get the bags on and off very quickly. The straps themselves are comfortable, and the single strap works well when you just have to move the bag a few feet.  

The 3.5 Ls is smaller than some of the other golf bags that Sun Mountain sells. The good news is that the smaller size also leads to a slightly smaller price.

The Sun Mountain bags come in many different colors, so finding one to match your golf game and your personality will not be difficult.

TaylorMade 2020 Quiver Stand Bag

Best Sunday Bag Type


  • Great pricing
  • Three way top
  • Stand bag
  • Will hold 14 clubs
  • Has zip off embroidery panel


  • Smaller from a storage standpoint

The Taylormade Quiver Ultra Lite Golf Stand Bag is very much like a Sunday golf bag. This can carry fourteen golf clubs, but it only weighs three pounds. This is a bag designed for the golfer that wants to save their back and their knees. 

You will notice that the Quiver is a lower priced option, but it still has plenty of pockets and a three way divider on the top.

The retractable legs are not as long as the standard golf bag legs; instead, they will keep the bag from lying on the ground when you set it down. 

If you have a golf bag for cart use but you want something lighter that you can take out to the course for a nice walk, this is a really affordable and smart option. 

Vessel Lite Stand Golf Bag

Best Premium Lightweight Golf Bag


  • High quality materials
  • Great carrying straps
  • Strong carbon fiber legs
  • Available in several colors and design patterns
  • Durable and weather resistant
  • Weights 4.25 pounds


  • Expensive

Even if you want a lightweight golf bag it does not mean you want a low quality golf bag. The Vessel golf bags are some of the highest quality golf bags on the market.

This particular model is made with a premium nylon, and it is extremely durable and weather resistant. This is a golf bag that you will have for many years. 

The straps on the Vessel bags are part of what makes them so popular. They are equipped with an Equilibrium Strap that is both comfortable and ergonomic. This is a golf bag that you will have on but not even realize that you have it on. 

The Vessel comes equipped with a velour lined accessories pocket to keep your valuables protected and plenty of other high quality pockets for storage.

The carbon fiber legs help to make the bag even stronger and durable. A complaint that many golfers have with stand bags is they tend to collapse at times; this is not the case with the Vessel.

 IZZO Lite Stand Golf Bag

Lightweight Golf Bag with Best Features


  • Adjustable dual strap
  • Lightweight design with a great organization
  • Free personalization
  • Accessories loop
  • Velcro glove holder


  • Most of the colors are lighter and can get dirty easily

If you want a well-planned, well-designed bag, and very easy to carry around the course, the IZZO is a great choice. This is a 4.5 pound bag that is lightweight and has lots of smart design incorporated. 

There are six club dividers to help keep clubs from touching. This is much more than some other lightweight golf bags, and we do like this feature quite a bit. The dual strap makes it easy to carry the Izzo, and it is a comfortable carry. 

The ball pocket on the Izzo bag is magnetic, so you will not be stuck pulling at any zippers when you need to take a mulligan. There are lots of other pockets on the Izzo including a water resistant valuables pocket and an insulated cooler pocket. 

We like the Velco glove holder that Izzo added to help you keep that glove clean and dry as you move from one hole to the next. If you like features and want something that stands out from other golf bags, the Izzo is a great choice.

Wilson “W” Carry Golf Bag

Best Cheap Lightweight Golf Bag


  • Very low pricing
  • Easy to carry
  • Seven pockets
  • Strong stand


  • Not as many features as the more expensive stand bags

The Wilson W Carry Bag is a great choice if you are tired of spending a lot of money on your golf gear. Golfers are sometimes surprised by how much golf bags can cost.

Even some of the lightweight options can be close to $300. Considering this is the same price as a few new wedges or a new fairway wood. 

The Wilson is a bit of a no frills bag, but it completely serves its purpose. There is lots of storage and seven pockets to organize your belongings.

The five way top is going to help keep your clubs from continually rubbing up against each other, and the total weight on this stand bag is only 4.1 pounds. 

The Wilson has a quality stand, and the three bold colors help to make sure that these stand bags stay very clean year after year. If you want a lightweight stand bag with plenty of storage and an easy to use the double strap, the Wilson is a great choice.

Lightweight Golf Bags Buying Guide

The seven golf bags that we recommend are all great options; it can sometimes be hard to choose which one is best for you.

Here are a few of the things that you should consider when searching for new lightweight standing golf bags. 

What is the difference between a Sunday Bag and A Stand Bag? 

The Sunday bags have been around for quite some time, but they are starting to gain some popularity again. Golfers are realizing that walking the course is actually a great form of exercise.

he only issue with it is that carrying your clubs can be damaging to your back and neck. 

The Sunday bag allows you to carry between 6-10 clubs to make the load much lighter. Some golfers can adjust to this just fine, and others need all of their clubs with them. Sunday bags have fewer pockets and fewer club dividers as well. 

Some new Sunday bags have lightweight stands, but a true stand bag or carry bag can fit all of your gear and easily fit your back. Having a stand or carry bag will be much more like having a portable and lightweight cart bag. 

Do Lightweight Golf Bags Have 14 Club Divider?

Most of the lightweight bags are only going to have five or six dividers for your clubs. The dividers are there to help clubs from getting damaged, but they also add weight to the bag.

Since golf manufacturers are constantly competing to have the lowest golf bag weight on the market, there has to be a balance. 

Although a 14 club divider can be a nice feature, it does not always give you easy access to your clubs when you need them.

Try and choose something that keeps clubs protected but doesn’t take you a long time to organize and sort at the start of each hole. 

How Many Pockets Should A Golf Bag Have? 

The simple and quick answer to this question is, as many as you need. If you are a person who likes to store a lot in your bag, then you may want extra pockets to keep you organized.

For the most part, if you plan to walk the golf course, you will not want to fill your bag with useless gear and equipment.

Make sure there are enough pockets for valuables, balls, tees, and a windbreaker, and that should cover it. 

What Weight Is Considered To Be Lightweight In Golf Bags? 

The lightest bag on our list was three pounds. For a fully functioning bag with lots of features, three pounds is about as low as you will find.

This is very low as far as weight is concerned, but as soon as you put, the clubs and the balls in the bag gains a tremendous amount of weight. 

Generally speaking, if your bag weighs less than five pounds, it is lightweight. Some cart bags will even claim to be this low in weight, although most are around six to eight pounds. The problem with cart bags is that they are not designed to be carried. 

When people claim that their golf bag is heavy, it is mostly because of the gear they carry in it and not because of the way the golf bag was designed. If you want an ultra light golf bag, you will need to make sure that you are careful about what you put in it.

Golf bags don’t really need to be packed with four dozen balls, three hats, six gloves, and seven divot tools. Do a good clean out on your stand bag from time to time to make sure that it is ready for your next round. 

Is A Double Strap Necessary? 

If you plan on walking and carrying your clubs, the double strap makes things a lot easier. When you use the single strap you risk injury to both your wrist and your shoulder.

Single strap golf bags are great for the cart and bringing the clubs from cart to car. 


We hope our list of the best lightweight standing golf bag has helped you narrow down the endless choices on the market.

Aside from color and style, the golf manufacturers add so many different features to a golfer bag that this process gets a bit overwhelming. 

If you care about technology, performance, and longevity, the Callaway Golf 2020 Hyper Lite Zero is a perfect choice.

You can get it in a ton of colors; it has all the features you need, and its one of the lowest weight options golf has seen in a bag this size. Don’t wait for this one to sell out, grab one before it is too late.


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