Best TaylorMade Golf Balls 2024: Top Picks and Buying Guide

TaylorMade, as a company, cares quite a bit about ball speed. They do everything they can to make their equipment some of the longest and most effective on the market.

Why not pair that high performing equipment with a golf ball that only makes the shots fly further and higher as well.

We did some testing of the best TaylorMade golf balls on the market, and these were the results. 

Our Best TaylorMade Golf Balls in 2024

Best Overall: TaylorMade Tour Response Golf Balls


  • Priced lower than other tour balls
  • Soft feel cover 
  • Dual distance core
  • Three layer construction


  • Not a perfect choice for the slowest swinging golfer

The TaylorMade Tour Response is the best TaylorMade golf balls. These golf balls are going to provide a perfect blend of value and performance for the amateur golfer.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a ball, but you still need performance, this is the choice to go with. 

Most cheap golf balls are not going to spin well around the greens. The Tour Response adds a few dollars in cost to a cheap ball, but it also helps golfers to get more back spin around the greens.

If you struggle to control your chips and short game shots, the Tour Response can help. 

The TaylorMade Tour Response is also a durable ball. It is available in two different colors, so you can get the higher visibility yellow if you need to see the ball a bit better when you play. You will also get plenty of soft feel with the Tour Response. 

This TaylorMade ball combines everything a golfer with average swing speed needs to improve their game and increase their performance on the course. 

Runner Up: TaylorMade Project S Golf Balls


  • Lower compression core than Project A 
  • Ionomer cover
  • High ball speeds 


  • Don’t feel as good as a three layer ball

The TaylorMade Project S golf balls are one of the newer releases from TaylorMade. The idea behind the Project S is that golfers can get a lower compression golf ball that still has the greenside performance. 

Some of the two piece golf balls lose a bit of their feel around the greens because their spin rates are slow low. Luckily the TaylorMade Project S has a dual distance core that still allows for a lot of distance and energy transfer off the tee. 

The TaylorMade project S focuses on low driver spin as well. When you play with a two layer design, low driver spin is a must.

The Ionomer cover on the Project S helps for it to be durable and soft at the same time. This is a value golf ball with a ton of performance.

Best Premium: TaylorMade TP5x Golf Balls


  • Available in TP5 and TP5x
  • Can get the Pix version as well
  • Tri fast core for fair compression
  • Has spin, distance, and forgiveness as well
  • Five piece golf ball


  • One of the highest priced TaylorMade golf balls

If you are a lower handicap player, the TP5x is going to be the golf ball for you. When you want the ultimate feel and performance in a ball, you need something that is more than a two piece golf ball.

When TaylorMade put this five piece ball on the market, golfers were quite impressed. 

The TP5x is available in a few different styles now, and it is built with the HFM, which is a harder material built into one of the five layers. The HFM helps the golfer get very high ball speeds while still having a great feel. 

The new cover on the TP5x is a cast urethane, which is built to increase spin and give a better feel as well. The great thing about this cast urethane is that it is also quite durable.

If you are a player with enough swing speed that you often cut a ball, the TP5x is going to be a good choice for you. 

The tri fast core is in play on this ball, and it helps to give this high performing ball a very fair compression rating of 97.

For a five piece golf ball with a ton of technology, the TaylorMade TP5 golf ball is going to be a tremendous choice to consider. 

Best Cheap: TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls


  • Low spin
  • Good ball speed
  • 342 Dimple design for low drag
  • Long distance off the tee


  • A little hard around the greens

For higher handicappers and new golfers, the expense of golf balls can be quite annoying. When you pay close to forty or fifty dollars a dozen, losing golf balls is a bit painful. Luckily there are options that are much less expensive. 

The TaylorMade Distance Plus are some of the lowest priced golf balls on the market. This ball has plenty of technology and all the right characteristics of something that a higher handicapper would want in their game. 

The Distance Plus is a low spin ball that features the TaylorMade react Core. The React Core is low compression and helps to give golfers higher ball speed.

The dimple pattern will help to encourage a low drag flight as well. For the price that these are offered, it is going to be hard to find a better deal on the market. 

Best For Women: TaylorMade Kalea Golf Balls


  • Affordable
  • Built for slower swing speeds
  • Good launch 
  • Ionomer cover
  • Softer feel


  • Does not spin all that well around the greens

Not all women’s golf balls are any different than the men’s version. However, the TaylorMade Kalea is an option that is built with the woman golfer in mind.

The Kalea is built to give slower swinging players the power that they need in their golf game. 

Women golfers that feel as though they lack swing speed will feel confident when they switch to this ball. The Kalea balls have a soft ionomer cover that helps it feel soft around the green but still allows for plenty of distance off the tee. 

TaylorMade used the React Core in the Kalea golf ball. This helps amateur golfers to transfer any speed from the club face to the golf ball. Overall the Kalea is an affordable and high performing golf ball choice for the female golfer.

Best Value: TaylorMade Soft Response Golf Balls


  • Shallower U dimples
  • Seamless dimple pattern
  • Soft feel around the greens
  • Very fair pricing
  • Available in several color options


  • Not a five layer ball like the TP5 golf balls

Finding a soft golf ball that is still good off the tee can be a challenge. Although the TaylorMade TP5x golf ball can give you everything you need in that five layer construction, the TP5 golf balls are quite expensive. 

If you want something soft without having to pay a lot of extra money, the Soft Response is a great choice. The TaylorMade distance golf balls are going to give you lots of roll and jump off the tee, but around the greens, they do not feel great. 

The Soft Response is a ball that will help you with performance around the tee and around the green as well. The seamless 322 dimple pattern helps to keep the ball on its path the entire way to the target.

TaylorMade Golf Balls Buying Guide

As you can see, TaylorMade has golf balls for all types of golfers. If you have a high handicap or a lower handicap, there is going to be a product for you.

Knowing which one of these is the best fit can be a bit difficult. Here are a few questions to help you narrow down the options. 

Do I Need A Five Piece TaylorMade Golf Ball? 

As you can see from our reviews, the TaylorMade TP5 Golf balls are some of the highest performing options on the market. Having five layers of technology helps these golf balls to be able to offer different levels of performance. 

Although the TaylorMade TP6 golf balls are considered a tour ball, many higher handicap golfers want to know if they will be able to feel this performance.

The truth is that if you can spin shots, work the ball and feel a difference between golf balls when you are putting and chipping, you will enjoy a tour ball. 

If you are still in the stage of your game where you are trying to navigate yourself around the golf course, the five-piece ball will likely not be worth the price. 

Are TaylorMade Golf Ball Better Than Other Brands? 

There are lots of great thighs about the TaylorMade golf balls, but what sets them apart from other brands. There are two unique things that TaylorMade is doing that we haven’t seen from other balls. 

The first is the Pix golf balls that they are creating. These are tour-level golf balls with pictures on them. The pictures help golfers to see the roll the ball is taking. This will help when it comes to putting and knowing if you are striking the ball properly. 

The Pix golf balls are unique and something that other companies will likely start to copy as well. The second unique characteristic of TaylorMade is the core technology.

TaylorMade spends a lot of time combining their high-performance core with different types of covers. 

The combinations that they come up with are usually built for ball speed. Some will be a soft golf balls, and others will be a pure distance ball. The technology and innovation are quite impressive. 

What TaylorMade Golf Ball Is Most Like The ProV1? 

The TaylorMade TP5 golf balls are going to be most closely related to the Titleist ProV1. Remember that the TP5 is also available in the TP5x.

This is very similar to the ProV1 and the ProV1x. You will find with these balls that you get lots of distance off the tee, yet plenty of spin around the greens as well. 

The core system on the TP5 helps to allow for a lower spin off the tee but a lot of spin and control around the green area.

The only downside of the TP5 is the pricing and the higher compression. You will need a good bit of clubhead speed to be able to hit this ball properly. 


When it comes to golf balls, TaylorMade leaves no shortage of product. Regardless of the help that you need in your golf game, you can find it with TaylorMade.

The Tour Response stood out to us as the best overall golf ball. The average golfer that needs feel, distance, and spin will find it with the Tour Response.

This ball saves a few dollars from the TP5 and still allows for a more specialized performance than the TaylorMade Distance Plus golf ball.

You may have to try a few of these to find the best fit for your golf game; however, there is no question that TaylorMade stands out from the competition.


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