Best Golf Balls For High Handicappers in 2022

As a PGA Professional, I have to let you in on a little secret. With the hundreds of students I have taught, the higher handicappers are my favorite.

There is so much room for improvement, and the game can be so much more enjoyable with the introduction of a few simple improvements and equipment tweaks.

One of those equipment tweaks is the golf ball. High handicappers should be carefully choosing the golf ball that they play with.

Some balls are meant for faster swinging golfers, and others for slower swinging. There are colored golf balls and those that help to straighten out a slice. Essentially you can find a golf ball that is specifically suited for the needs of your golf game. 

Whatever your weakness, we have the best golf balls for high handicappers out there to help you improve your skills.

Our Best Golf Balls For High Handicappers in 2022

Best Golf Balls for High Handicappers: Callaway Superhot Bold Matte


  • Three piece construction
  • High ball speed
  • Low drag 
  • Extra distance
  • Sold as a 15 pack


  • 70 compression can be a little hard for the slower swinging player

Although it is not something that we all like to admit to, high handicappers are going to go through a lot of golf balls. Golf balls are expensive for higher handicappers because they generally tend to lose quite a few during the course of a round.

Finding something that is high performing but still affordable is the perfect solution for the higher handicapper. 

That is where the Callaway Superhot comes into play. This is a golf ball designed for distance, and it is very easy to find. The matte finish on the Superhot can be purchased in a few different colors, and it really helps golfers that struggle to see the ball on a bright day. 

The Superhot is a three-piece golf ball, so it is going to have performance from the tee and the green. All too often, higher handicappers take whatever golf ball they can find just to keep the pricing down; this is really not necessary.

Finding a ball with great distance off the tee and some greenside feel can absolutely lower your handicap.

Runner Up: Bridgestone e6


  • High energy core
  • Lower drag
  • Straight flight technology


  • Lower spinning around the greens

The Bridgestone e6 golf balls are soft on the outside but very high power on the inside. We are always impressed with a distance ball that can still feel like it has a soft hit coming off the putter.

The most important thing with a goll ball designed for the short game is something that feels soft on the putter and wedges; the e6 will absolutely check that box. 

The e6 has some improved aerodynamics, and they are some of the best golf balls when you are looking for straight flight technology.

The Bridgestone core technology features a gradational compression core. The concept is that the core of the ball is extremely fast acting and responsive while the cover stays soft and controllable. 

The Bridgestone e6 is available in several different colors, and they provide an excellent value for the higher handicappers looking for a new golf ball choice.

Titleist Tour Speed

Best for Fast Swing Speeds


  • Great golf balls for high swing speeds
  • Durable yet softcover
  • Good distance performance off the tee
  • Mid to high compression rating


  • Priced a bit higher than some other choices

Higher handicap golfers are not necessarily slower swinging players. In fact, some of the highest swing speed players that I have ever taught were higher handicappers.

Fast swing speeds can be a great thing, but they can also be detrimental to your game. Players with fast swing speeds need to learn to reign it in and hit shots with no side spin. 

Golfers with faster swing speeds should take advantage of their speed and look for golf balls that have more performance around the greens.

The quickest way to get from a high handicapper to a low handicapper is through the short game. A ball like the Titleist Tour Speed can completely change how higher handicap golfers approach their short game. 

The Tour Speed has a new 346 quadrilateral dipyramid dimple design. This is to help players get much straighter shots with less drag.

The TPU cover on the Tour Speed balls is what sets them apart around the greens. You will be able to control the spin and trajectory of your chips and pitches with the Tour Speed ball in play.

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

Best for Slow Swing Speeds


  • Best for high handicappers that need speed
  • Good distance
  • Very low compression
  • Quality golf ball construction


  • Low spin rates around the greens

Slower swing speed higher handicappers need to look for golf balls that have a lower compression. The lower compression allows players to get more distance and usually a bit less spin off the tee as well.

The Callaway Supersoft has a compression of 38, which is considerably lower than other balls for high handicappers. 

The Callaway Supersoft is a two piece ball, and they are very fair from a pricing standpoint. Although you will not see a ton of greenside spin and control with the Supersoft, the Trionmer cover does help with a softer feel. 

The Supersoft golf balls are also available in a Magna version. The Magna is a ball that is still legal, yet it is larger than other golf balls. This is the perfect golf ball for seniors.

Callaway found a way to manufacture this so that it still fits within the requirements of the USGA. Whether you choose the Magna or the traditional Supersoft, you will end up with a great golf ball for a higher handicapper.

Top Flite Bomb Golf Balls

Best Distance Ball


  • Low driver spin
  • Higher ball flight
  • Firm Ionomer cover for durability


  • Two piece construction
  • Not very high performing with the wedges and putter

A distance golf ball is designed to give players incredible velocity at the time of impact. Distance golf balls tend to have some of the greatest transfer of energy from the club head to the golf ball.

When you play with a distance ball, chances are you are going to sacrifice a bit of feel around the greens. 

The Top Flight Bomb Golf balls are sold in a 24 pack, and they offer a very good value. These golf balls for higher handicappers are very low spin off the tee, and they also work to provide much straighter shots as well. 

One of the things we really like about the Top Flight Bomb is that it also has a very good launch. Some high handicap golfers believe that to get more distance; the ball must stay low to the ground; this is not the case.

The golf ball needs to get plenty of launch and higher flight to be able to travel a long distance. 

The Top Flite Bomb is a two piece ball that is relatively standard when you are looking for distance. The Ionomer cover also helps to make this one of the best golf balls for durability.

Overall for a player that just wants distance and reliability, the Top Flite is an excellent choice. 

Pinnacle Soft

Best Value


  • 15 ball pack for a very good price
  • Soft Ionomer cover
  • High energy core 
  • Lower spinning


  • Not very much spin or control around the green

Many golfers don’t remember that years ago, the tour level golf balls were rather hard to find. Titleist had one or two, and Nike even had a few, but most amateurs were playing with whatever they could get their hands on.

This meant that some excellent players were playing with Pinnacle golf balls. 

Today Pinnacle balls are thought of as cheap or high handicap golf balls because they are cheap and don’t offer all that much performance. However, the Pinnacle Soft are a soft golf ball choice that higher handicappers should be considering. 

This is a 15 ball pack featuring golf balls that are very high energy but low compression. They have a combination of low spin from the tee with lots of soft feel around the greens.

Pinnacle always implements some sort of low drag technology in their cover and dimple design. Although the Pinnacle Soft is not a tour quality ball, it is very impressive from a velocity and feel standpoint.

TaylorMade TP5 Pix

Best Premium


  • Five piece golf ball 
  • Impressive performance throughout the golf course
  • Easy to find your golf ball 
  • High velocity 


  • Priced high, expensive to lose one!

The TaylorMade TP5 Pix golf balls are an excellent choice for the high handicap golfers that want a premium tour level ball.

Although the majority of golf balls for high handicappers are going to be geared more towards the value shopper than the premium shopper, these TaylorMade TP5 Pix are a great choice to consider. 

The TaylorMade TP5 Pix is a five piece golf ball. Although most golf balls are three or four pieces, TaylorMade took things a step further. By making this ball five pieces, it can have tour level performance all throughout the golf course. 

If you are playing with the TP5, you are going to be getting the ultimate distance from the tee as well as spin around the greens. In addition to the High Flex Material and Tri Fast Core performance, you will have no trouble tracking your shots with the TP5 Pix. 

On the outside of the ball are small pictures intended to make tracking the ball and finding the golf ball much more manageable.

We love the pix for short game control as well; you will have no trouble seeing if your golf ball is rolling end over end when you play with the Pix.

Wilson Staff 50 Elite Golf Balls

Best for Seniors


  • Compression rating of 50 
  • Lower driver spin 
  • Soft golf ball around the green 
  • Great value
  • The yellow color is easy to see


  • Not quite tour level spin in the short game

Senior high handicappers may be new to the game, or they may just be starting to lose some of their swing speed as they age.

Getting older can be difficult when it comes to your golf game. Chances are your scores will start to increase a bit, and you will rely on feel and short game shots much more often. 

When distance starts to decrease, it is essential to look for a low compression core with lots of velocity. That is precisely what you will find in the Wilson Staff 50 Elite.

The Wilson Staff 50 Elite has an advanced rubber core and very high greenside spin. 

With a compression of 50, it is an excellent ball for high handicappers that have a slower swing speed.

A need for distance is something that is quite common among higher handicappers, and this responsive golf ball will help golfers achieve the distance they need.

Vice Tour Golf Balls

Best Three Piece Golf Balls for High Handicappers 


  • Three-piece golf ball
  • 392 Aerodynamic dimple design
  • Long-distance off the tee


  • Not as much spin around the greens as other golf balls

The Vice Tour Golf balls are the best three-piece golf ball for high handicappers. If you are interested in a three-piece golf ball, you are likely looking for distance from the tee and spin around the greens. The Vice Tour Golf ball is an affordable yet high-functioning golf ball for high handicappers. 

The 392 Aerodynamic dimple pattern design allows for a more penetrating ball flight and some lower spin from the tee. When you play with the Vice Tour golf balls, you will get extra distance and a smooth feel at impact. 

Overall the Vice Tour Golf Balls are not the best overall option for around the green performance, but they are going to still stop if they are hit well. The only issue that you could run into would be for a high spin on the lob and sand wedge. If you like minimum dispersion, the Vice Tour golf balls could be something to try. This is an up-and-coming company that all high handicappers should know about.

What To Look For When Buying Golf Balls for High Handicappers?

There are some differences between golf balls for high handicappers. For those that are trying to find the perfect golf ball for their golf game, it pays to understand what some of this terminology means and whether or not it is the right fit for your game. Here are a few of the things that you should consider when shopping for the best golf balls for high handicappers. 


Spin is a tricky thing for high handicappers. Golfers need low spin from the tee so that it does not cause a problem with the direction of the golf ball. Essentially when a golf ball has too much spin, it can curve to the right or the left. When a golf ball has a lower spin, it can also roll considerably further once it hits the ground. 

Spin around the greens is typically good. When a ball spins well around the green, you will be able to control the types of shots that you hit and where the ball ends up. Typically a three piece golf ball is going to help players get spin around the greens and keep it lower from the tee. 


The compression of a golf ball is another important consideration for a golfer. The compression is essentially how hard a golf ball is to hit. If you are playing with a higher compression golf ball, you need more swing speed to get great distance. 

Low compression golf balls do not require swing speeds that are nearly as high, but you must still hit the golf ball with a good amount of speed. Overall compression can vary, and you don’t need to get too hung up on the compression rating of the golf ball you choose. 

Essentially just make sure that high handicappers with slow swing speeds are not using a tour level golf ball with very high compression. 


The distance you can hit a golf ball is important for high handicappers. The majority of high handicappers struggle with distance and direction. If you are trying to hit a golf ball further, distance-type golf balls are a great choice. These are typically low-spin golf balls that will travel a long way once they hit the ground. 

The good thing about distance golf balls is that they are typically lower in price. In addition, distance golf balls are readily available in many different colors and brands. The only issue with distance golf balls is that they are not going to allow players to spin the ball around the greens. 


Golf balls for high handicappers will range in price from a cheap ball less than $20, and others are closer to $50. The idea is to find a golf ball that matches your needs and will also fit in your budget. 

Many golfers think that a dozen golf balls will last for twelve rounds. However, if you are good at keeping the ball straight, you can use a golf ball for several rounds before having to replace it. Sometimes players will use a golf ball for six or seven rounds before they notice any decrease in performance or a slight cut in the cover of the ball. 

For high handicappers, overspending on a golf ball is not necessary, but it does make sense to purchase a ball that will have the specifications and technology that you need for your golf game. 


The feel of a golf ball for high handicappers is really important. Many of the cheap golf balls that these players choose have a hard feel or a softer feel that is a bit too mushy. If you don’t find the right feel for your game, you will end up struggling to improve your short game and your overall ability on the golf course. 

The feel of a three and four piece golf ball is typically a bit better than that of a two piece golf ball. The reason behind this is that feel from a three or four piece ball is a bit more customized to performance from both the tee and the green. 

Frequently Asked Questions

With these choices, you should now have no problem choosing a golf ball that will help you see some progress and improvement in your golf game.

However, there are a few other questions that are worth asking before you make your final decision as to the best golf ball.

Some golfers wonder how much a golf ball really matters, and we are here to clear that up. 

Do Golf Balls Matter For High Handicappers? 

People like to assume that since higher handicappers shoot larger numbers, the equipment they play is not as important.

However, the golf equipment you play is important regardless of your handicap. A six handicap playing with the wrong golf equipment will struggle as much as a 26 handicap playing with the wrong equipment. 

Higher handicap players need to stop assuming that any old cheap golf equipment will suit their needs. If your goal is to become a better player, it makes sense to invest in your game.

If your goal is to have more fun on the golf course, it also makes sense to invest in your game. 

A golf ball for a high handicap golfer matters just as much as a golf ball for a low handicap golfer. The best golf balls for higher handicappers may not be the most expensive or have the same performance as those for the lower handicap player, but they matter. 

Do some research on your golf swing speed and your strengths and weaknesses in your game.

Can High Handicappers Use Pro V1? 

If a high handicap golfer has a medium to fast swing speed and wants lots of spin and control around the greens, the Pro V1 is a great choice.

The Pro V1 golf ball is a bit expensive, and that is what scares most high handicapped golfers away. Golf balls for high handicappers are usually a bit less expensive because players assume they will lose a few during a round. 

Some people are higher handicappers because their putting is a mess; others are higher handicappers because they can’t hit a straight tee shot.If you don’t lose many golf balls and can compress a Titleist Pro V1, it can be an excellent choice for high handicappers.

What Compression Are The Best Golf Balls For High Handicappers? 

If you take a look at our golf ball choices, you will see there is quite a wide range. This is because the proper golf ball for your game has more to do with swing speed than any other swing data factor. High handicappers can have high or low swing speeds. 

If you have a higher swing speed, you should play with a higher compression ball. For those with slower swing speeds, the lower compression makes the most sense. Understanding how your swing speed relates to the compression you need in a ball is essential. 

Do High Handicappers Need A High Or Low Spin Ball? 

If you surveyed most high handicappers, they would tell you that they struggle to keep the ball straight off the tee. Most of the high handicappers that I have taught in my career are fighting a slice.

A slice is a very frustrating miss, and it is only made more frustrating when you are playing with improper equipment. 

Golfers that slice the ball need low spin. Low spin helps to make sure the golf ball gets plenty of roll when it lands and does not start turning left or right out of the tee box. The only downside to the low spin balls is that they can be harder to control around the greens. 

Look for a low spin ball that has a soft feel. The soft feel will make up for some of the loss of spin, and it will help you to feel as though you have more control over your chips, pitches, and putts.

As a high handicap golfer, choose something that has a good balance of feel, distance, and spin.

How Many Golf Balls Should A High Handicapper Have In Their Bag? 

A high handicapper needs to consider how many golf balls they put in their bag for a round of golf. If you run out of golf balls, your round will be cut considerably short. Most golfers find that nine golf ball is a good amount to have. 

If you are playing in a tournament where the One Ball Rule is in effect, make sure that all of those golf balls are the same brand and type. If you put a golf ball into play that was a different type than the one you used to start your day on the course, there will be a penalty assessed. 

Overall, golfers do not need to put the entire dozen golf balls in their bag unless they are playing a course with a tremendous amount of water hazards or areas where you can’t get to a lost ball. 

Should High Handicappers Buy Used Golf Balls? 

There is a large market for used golf balls. Used golf balls are typically refurbished. They will be found on the course and then cleaned up and painted again for a golfer to use. When we tested used golf balls, there were some differences in the performance, but it may not be enough to matter for some players. 

High handicappers that play from time to time and don’t care too much about having premium technology can benefit from a used golf ball. When you compare these on a launch monitor you will see that the biggest differences are usually related to launch angle, spin, and distance. 

Used golf balls can save a lot of money and sometimes make a great choice for practicing in a field or at a local chipping green. Having a bag full of used golf balls will really help you lower your out-of-pocket expenses.


This is quite a bit of information about the best golf balls for high handicappers. Certainly, you should feel better able to make a decision about a ball for your game.

If you are one of those players that just want to head straight to the course, then bring along the Callaway Superhot balls. Golfers should know that even though they are high handicappers, the golf ball that they play with does matter.

This is a three-piece golf ball with a fair price, lots of distance, and a great launch. If your goal is to move from high handicapper to low handicapper, the Superhot is a perfect choice.

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