10 Best Golf Balls For Seniors 2024: Review and Buyers Guide

As a golfer ages, it is crucial to make sure that the equipment that they use is suited for their game. An unfortunate part of life is that as we age, our golf skills and abilities tend to deteriorate a bit.

Any golf equipment built for the senior golfer should have their unique needs in mind.

Visibility, short game performance, and extra ball speed are all major factors in finding the proper golf balls for seniors.

Here are some of the balls that we believe do the best job of appealing to the senior golfer.

Our Best Golf Balls For Seniors in 2024

Best Golf Balls for Seniors: Callaway Supersoft Magna Golf Balls


  • Larger than standard
  • Soft feel
  • Great short game performance


  • A larger looking golf ball takes a bit of getting used to

The Callaway Golf Supersoft Magna Golf balls are the best golf balls for seniors.

Several things set the Supersoft Magna apart. The most obvious is that the Magna is actually a larger golf ball than the other golf balls on the market.

Although you may be aware of the USGA rules defining golf ball size, the Magna is built within golf rules. 

With the Magna, you are going to get a large golf ball that is also capable of traveling far as well. This is an ultra low compression core so that players can get faster ball speeds and lots of extra distance. 

The Magna features the HEX aerodynamics that all of the best golf ball choices from Callaway will have. The HEX pattern is able to keep the ball straight on its path and reduce some of the drag.

With the Trigonometry cover formulation on this golf ball, you will be pleasantly surprised by the feel around the greens. The Supersoft Magna has great wedge spin for the shorter shorts. 

Runner Up 1: Titleist AVX Golf Balls


  • Soft feel 
  • Great distance 
  • Low long game spin


  • Priced a little high

The Titleist AVX Golf balls are one of the best golf ball options on the market. If you are a senior player looking for a premium ball built for a slower swing, the AVX will be your best choice.

The Titleist AVX golf ball is going to be similar to the Pro V1 in many ways; however, it will have a lower compression. 

The AVX is a distance golf ball built for great spin around the greens. As we mentioned, it is very important for a senior golfer to be able to perfect their short game. This is an area of the golf course where seniors can compete with all other players. 

Playing with a golf ball like the AVX that will help highlight the short game and improve spin and control is a very smart idea.

This AVX is going to be priced a bit higher than other options on the market, but you will see the performance benefits.

Runner Up 2: Titleist TruFeel Golf Balls


  • Lower compression ball 
  • Lots of distance 
  • Good quality cover that will last


  • Some say it is not as good as the Titleist DT TruSoft

Titleist makes a wide range of golf ball options. However, not all of them are going to be the best golf ball for seniors. The TruFeel is a 2 piece golf ball that is built for the slower swing speed.

Titleist does a great job of getting players long distances without decreasing the performance or feel of the golf ball.

The TrueFeel have a very soft greenside feel, and they are a lower compression golf ball. As far as golf ball brands go, Titleist is known for its distance and spin around the greens.

Since the TruFeel has a lower compression rating, it works great for the senior golfer.

Another great thing about the TruFeel is that they are offered at a very affordable price. The TruFeel does a great job of being a low spin ball from the tee but having good feel around the greens; certainly, it is hard for a senior golfer to complain about that.

Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls

Best Value Golf Balls for Seniors


  • Softer than other balls on the market
  • Yellow golf balls 
  • Strong core golf ball 
  • Less drag because of dimple design 


  • Low spin around the greens

The Wilson Staff Fifty Elite are the best golf balls for seniors that are on a budget. This is a low compression golf ball with a very strong core.

The core is built to increase ball speed and distance and give golfers the performance that they need. 

The Wilson Staff Fifty uses rubber to make it a softer ball than some of the competition on the market. The rubber also helps to add to the overall distance that you can get these golf balls to travel. 

One of the reasons that the Wilson is so good for seniors is the dimple pattern.

There are 302 aerodynamic dimples on this ball that make it more stable and give it a more penetrating ball flight. The dimple design is a great choice for senior golfers that need cheap two piece golf balls. 

Callaway Golf Chrome Soft Golf Balls

Best Premium Golf Balls for Seniors


  • Low spin from the tee helps with forgiveness 
  • Stops where you need it to on the greens
  • Mid compression
  • Four piece golf ball 
  • Very soft feel


  • Premium pricing on the Chrome Soft Ball

The Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls is a great premium golf ball for seniors. This is four piece golf ball that has fast ball speeds and low spin from the tee. The great thing about a four piece golf ball is that it is also going to have a soft feel around the green. 

The best thing about the Chrome Soft balls for senior golfers is going to be the greenside capabilities. If you need to stop a ball quickly on the green and get it to spin, the Chrome Soft can do it.

Seniors who start to lack swing speed will need a short game ball that stops on the dot. 

The Chrome Soft is going to be a good fit for those golfers with medium swing speeds. A senior player that was a lower handicap golfer their entire life, will notice the performance this ball offers.

The Chrome Soft has a bit more performance than the Callaway Supersoft simply because of the number of layers that these golf balls are made up of. 

Callaway Golf ERC Soft Triple Track Golf Balls

Best Around the Greens


  • Fast core with medium compression
  • Higher launching
  • Triple Track technology for alignment 
  • Lower spin on the driver


  • Some golfers get distracted by the Triple Track design

When you look for a golf ball that is good around the greens one of the major considerations is the feel. If a ball has a soft feel and plenty of greenside spin it is going to be a perfect fit.

However, the Callaway ERC Triple Track have another great feature and that is alignment.

The Triple Track Technology helps to improve alignment. There are three lines that you can use to ensure that your golf ball is headed towards the center of the cup.

The ERC Triple Track Technology can also be utilized when hitting a shot off the tee as well.

The cover on this Callaway golf ball is made with several different materials to help get increased ball speed, lots of distance, and low spin as well.

The great thing about the ERC is that even though it has lower spin off the tee, you can get plenty of spin on these balls around the greens.

Srixon Ladies Soft Feel Golf Balls

Best Golf Balls for Senior Woman Golfer


  • Long distance 
  • Reduced drag 
  • Higher launch for the female player
  • High visibility surlyn cover


  • Two piece golf ball

We can’t forget about the senior women golfer. Where men switch from regular shafts to senior shafts, women will have to play with the same clubs.

This is where turning to the golf ball market may be a smart idea. Any accommodations to help increase ball speed and distance are going to be welcome for the female golfer. 

The Srixon Ladies Soft Feel is built with what they call a FastLayer Core. The outer edge is a bit firm, and then it transitions to a soft cover. This helps golfers to get long distance but also have some feel when they are near the golf green. 

The 338 speed dimple pattern on the Srixon soft feel golf ball is designed to help players get increased loft and decreased drag.

This Srixon golf balls are not just an excellent choice for senior citizens; they will work for all women golfers that want distance, low compression, and a softer feel near the green.

Volvik Vivid Matte Finished Colored Golf Balls

Best for Visibility


  • Ionomer material for good feel around the green 
  • Easier for senior golfers to see 
  • Lower driver spin 
  • Available many colors 
  • Three piece construction


  • Trajectory is not relatively as high as other options on the market

Another unfortunate part of getting older is that things get harder to see. If you find that you are having a hard time seeing where your golf ball lands, the Volvik Vivid Matte could be a great choice.

Colored golf balls have become quite popular as people will use them to track where the ball is headed and to have better focus during set up. 

Inside the Volvik Vivid Matte, you will find that there is a large core built for golfers who have club head speeds of 70-100mph. Senior golfers need a lower compression ball so that they can get maximum distance

You can get the Volvik Vivid Matte in a wide range of colors, which is another nice feature. The green, yellow and orange colors are relatively easy to track.

Although the blue and the black golf balls are offered, they will be a bit harder to see. With a three-piece cover and an ionomer cover, this is a great golf ball for the price. 

Titleist Velocity Golf Balls

Best Senior Golf Balls For Distance


  • Long distance golf balls
  • Lower long game spin
  • Easy to stop golf irons


  • Not the lowest compression golf ball for seniors

The Titleist Golf Balls are often referred to as the best on the market, and it is easy to see how this happens. With the Titleist golf balls, there are so many different options for your game that you can take advantage of. 

Whether you care about low long game spin, or the ability to stop your irons on the green, the Velocity golf balls can give you the performance you need from a golf ball. With this new product design, we have also noticed that the ball is flying much higher. 

Senior golfers tend to have trouble sometimes with getting the ball to launch high enough and the great thing about these Velocity golf balls is they help get the ball up off the ground so seniors can get the flight that they need. 

Even though this isn’t the cheapest golf ball on the market, you will get plenty of distance and impressive overall performance. 

Bridgestone e6

Best Senior Golf Balls for Straight Flight


  • Soft feel around the greens
  • More power than other Bridgestone golf balls
  • Impressive feel


  • Not the best golf ball for spin

The Bridgestone golf balls are some of the best for seniors because of the importance of ball fitting when shopping for Bridgestone golf balls. A ball fitting is essentially what a player goes through when they are shopping for and searching for a golf ball to play with. When you know your swing speed and preferences, you can often find a golf ball much quicker, and that is what the Bridgestone does for you. 

The e6 is one of the most versatile golf balls on the market. This ball has performance from the tee to help players hit it further and then some great feel and spin around the greens. 

In addition, the new e6 golf balls have a soft core that helps players that need better compression. Overall the e6 is a ball that will give seniors confidence when they stand up to hit, and for that, it is well worth the money.  

Buyers Guide

Now that we have given you some of the best golf balls on the market, it’s time to break down which one could be the best for your golf game. Here are some of the things that you should be considering when breaking down which golf balls to purchase. There are some key differences that can help you tell one golf ball apart from another. 

Number of Pieces

Golf balls are typically two, three, or four pieces. Of course, you can also find golf balls that are five pieces, but those are not going to be the best choice for most senior golfers. Golf balls that are more than two pieces will need a slightly higher swing speed in order to compress. 

For most senior golfers, the swing speeds are fast enough to compress a three piece golf ball, but the four piece can be a little difficult. A good example of a four piece golf ball would be a Titleist Pro V1x. Clearly, this ball is built for the slightly faster swinging golfer. 

Most of the time two piece golf balls are designed for distance, while three piece golf balls throw in a component of some extra speed and feel around the greens. Don’t choose a golf ball for your game based on the number of pieces alone, but use it to help you decide which is best. 


The compression of a golf ball will vary considerably based on its components. For golfers with slower swing speeds, compression is very important to consider. Lower compression golf balls are much easier to hit and will launch higher and fly further. 

The faster swing players need something that is slightly higher in compression. With a high compression golf ball, players need higher swing speeds and more power just to be able to hit the ball. 

Most seniors are going to want a lower compression ball to help them improve their game. 


Golf balls for seniors do not need to be expensive. In fact, if you find a golf ball that is $20 a dozen, that is completely fine and could have all the performance that you need. Players that are using $50.00 a dozen golf balls are typically looking at something that has extreme performance around the tee and green. 

Most seniors do not need anything that gives them a high spin around the greens; they need a consistent forgiving golf ball that is going to help them score from one round to the next. In addition, senior players often like a more durable golf ball to ensure that they can get several rounds of play in without having to replace the ball. 

Performance Features 

The performance features of a golf ball for seniors should be lower spin, high trajectory, and some soft feel around the greens. This combination of features tends to be exactly what the senior player needs in order to see the performance necessary to succeed on the golf course. 

If you are using golf clubs that do not have these types of performance features, you could be leaving shots on the table. The more you can get a golf ball to match the needs of your game, the better the chance it will work for you long term.

What to Look for When Buying Golf Balls for Seniors?

Now that you have a better idea of which golf balls for seniors are the best on the market, it’s time to narrow down which one will have the best features for your specific golf game.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before purchasing the best golf ball for seniors. 

What Compression Golf Ball Should Seniors Use?

There is no exact compression for senior golfers. The compression of the ball that you play needs to be related to swing speed.

Faster swing speeds need higher compression golf balls; slower swing speeds will have better performance with the lower compression balls. Most of the balls for seniors that we recommended are going to be lower in compression. 

When senior golfers play with a golf ball that is too hard to compress, they will leave some distance on the table. Golfers will not be able to get the distance that they should because they can’t compress the ball fully.

This compression and then a release of the compression is what helps to create ball speed, ball flight, and much better distance as well.

Generally speaking, senior golfers have a slower swing speed and will need something with a lower compression and soft feel. 

Which Is More Important Distance or Soft Feel In Golf Balls For Seniors? 

Some distance golf balls are also going to be soft feeling, but other balls will actually be quite hard. This leaves senior golfers with the difficult choice of choosing a distance or a feel golf ball. 

Although some people will disagree and have their theories on this topic, the softer golf balls tend to be the best choice. The reason behind this is that seniors can compete around the greens; they will usually not be able to compete when it comes to distance. 

If you choose a golf ball that may lose a few yards off the tee but will allow you to spin the ball around the green, the performance around the green will be more critical.

Senior golfers can learn to putt and chip just as well as a young scratch golfer. Paying a bit extra for the softer feeling golf balls for seniors is going to be money well spent. 

Is An Expensive Golf Ball for Seniors Worth It? 

Expensive golf balls are worth it if they provide the performance that you need in your game. If your ball flight, distance, or spin around the greens is lacking, paying for a more expensive ball will be well worth it. 

If you will be paying more money for a golf ball, make sure that it is more than a two piece ball. Two piece balls should be some of the least expensive on the market. Paying extra for these is not going to be worth it. 

Another reason that more expensive golf balls can be worth it for the senior golfers is if they are able to play more than one round with the same ball. If you know that a dozen golf balls will last you a month or more, go with a ball priced a little higher. 

What Color Golf Ball Is Easiest For Seniors To See? 

As we mentioned, as golfers get older, sometimes all the ball technology in the world will not allow for players to find their lost golf ball. Luckily the different color option balls that are on the market are helping to keep golfers from losing as many golf balls. 

The colored golf balls are easier to see while they fly through the air, and they are easier to focus on when you are on the course as well.

If you are an easily distracted player that tends to have trouble staying focused on their golf shots, an orange, yellow, or green ball can certainly narrow in your focus. 

The easiest colors for seniors to see are going to be the yellow and the orange. Surprisingly the bright green golf balls can also be relatively easy to see.

Senior golfers should stay away from the red, blue, and black as they can tend to blend in a bit more and make things difficult. It is best to stick with the matte finish on the balls as they are less shiny and will produce less glare. 


Hopefully, you now feel like you can choose one of the best senior golf balls on the market for your next round. There are lots of good choices out there, and it may take a few practice rounds before you can come up with something that works for your game.

A great place to start is the Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

The Callaway Supersoft has the distance, spin, and feel that a senior player will thrive with. If you have a slow swing and are worried that you are losing distance with your current golf ball, the Supersoft could help you get your game back.

Senior players should not underestimate the importance of playing the proper golf ball.

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