Best Golf Grips For Small Hands in 2022

I have competed in hundreds of golf tournaments through the years, and there has always been one constant among these events. I have always had an undersize grip on my golf clubs.

If your hands are smaller than average, you will need to have a golf grip that helps you get the proper traction and control of the club.

Finding smaller golf grips should not be all that difficult. Grips for small hands are becoming increasingly popular as people realize the benefit of having increased control of their grip.

Here are some of the best golf grips for small hands.

Our Best Golf Grips For Small Hands in 2022

Best Golf Grip For Small Hands: Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Undersize Golf Grip Bundle


  • Perfect grip size for smaller hands
  • Will work with interlocking grip, overlapping grip, or baseball grip 
  • The grip surface is tacky 
  • Full set to create uniformity among clubs
  • Typically available in a few different colors


  • Sometimes the ribs can make the grip feel a little larger in the middle section

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing a new grip is the material and style of the grip. For new players, all grips may seem as if they are very similar. This is not the case.

The best grip for small hands is these Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Undersize

This is a 13 piece grip set that will allow you to have uniformity among all of your golf clubs. As you will notice, the Tour Wrap 2G looks as though it wraps from the top of the club down to the bottom of the grip or the base. 

Although it may look as though this club is wrapped, it is a one-piece grip that is put on from the top of the golf club.

One of our favorite things about this grip is the crevices that it creates and allows your hands to fall into. You won’t feel as though your hands can simply slide right off the end of the club. 

For a classic look and more control over your grip pressure and your golf game, the Tour Wrap 2G is a great choice.

Runner Up 1: Lamkin Sonar Undersize Rose Golf Grip


  • It helps to get hands in the right position
  • The texture on the grip for better traction
  • Will work with any golf club
  • Best for the golfer that needs that midline location and arrows on the club


  • Not quite as tacky as some other golf grip choices

Lamkin, Golf Pride, and Winn are the big three when it comes to golf grips.

The Lamkin brand tends to come up with some unique options that help golfers who are worried about control of the golf ball. Lamkin has some different materials that they use in their grips to create a softer feel.

The Lamkin Sonar Undersize is similar to the Lamkin Crossline Undersize, except that it really helps golfers who are working on proper hand and index finger positioning.

If you are still learning to get the clubface square up and in the right spot at impact, the Sonar will show you clearly how to do this.

Overall the Sonar grips have a very classic feel similar to the Golf Pride Tour Velvet but with a little more texture to them.

There is no question that you will be able to grip the club with ease if you are a player with smaller hands. The grip feels thing and easy to get your right hand and left hand in the proper place.

Runner Up 2: Lamkin Comfort Plus Undersize Golf Grip


  • Unique Color scheme
  • Soft and comfortable grip
  • Great for players that care about feel


  • Light gray color tends to get dirty rather quickly

One of the biggest complaints of a golfer that has been playing with grips that are too big is that it is uncomfortable. Having your hands stretched out and trying to wrap around the entire club makes the game a bit difficult. 

For the player struggling with this, the Lamkin Comfort Plus Undersize golf grips will be a welcome change. The Lamkin Comfort Plus Undersize is one of the softer and more comfortable grips on the market. 

One of the downsides to a more comfortable grip pattern is that it does not tend to hold up long term. Lamkin used a proprietary blend to make sure that you can have a soft material but long-term durability as well. 

The only real downside to this grip is the light color. Be sure to keep your golf grips and hands clean if you want the light grey color to hold up. 

Majek Tour Pro Purple Undersize Golf Grip

Best Value Golf Grip for Small Hands


  • Very low price
  • Simple design 
  • Similar to the Golf Pride Tour Velvet


  • Don’t hold up for daily play on the course or in difficult weather conditions

The Majek golf products are very well priced, but they also offer some excellent quality. This Majek Ladies Tour Pro Purple Undersize Golf Grip is very similar to the Golf Pride Tour Velvet.

One of the major differences is going to be the price. These Majek grips are very low in price and help golfers that need to get a low priced, undersized grip on their clubs. 

You will often see that the best golf grips for small hands are labeled as being ladies’ golf grips. This does not mean that men with smaller hands cannot use these grips. Just as a woman with larger hands should not shy away from a men’s midsize grip. 

Essentially the way these products are labeled sometimes has more to do with their coloring and the golfers they are selling to than the perfect specifications for a golfer.

If your hands are smaller and you play with a ladies’ grip, it merely means that you are playing with the standard size normally put on a ladies golf club. 

For a great value choice and something that holds up well for the occasional golfer, the Tour Pro Undersize from Majek will be a smart decision. 

SuperStroke Cross Comfort Undersize 13 Piece Golf Grip Bundle

Best Premium Golf Grip for Small Hands


  • Premium style grips
  • Hold up well long term 
  • Tacky but soft feel
  • Sold in a set to regrip all of your clubs


  • SuperStroke brand grips tend to get a bit expensive

SuperStroke Golf grips are getting more and more popular. These grips really took off when the putter grips became popular on the market.

Ironically the SuperStroke putter grips are known for being jumbo size. However, the SuperStroke brand makes a range of different size grips. 

The Cross Comfort Black/Red Undersize is an excellent choice for those that are looking for a premium and comfortable grip in a slightly smaller size. You will notice that these Cross Comfort feel a bit like the Winn Dri Tac golf grips. 

The soft feeling of the SuperStroke Cross Comfort also helps many golfers that struggle with gripping the club too hard. If you tend to squeeze too hard and try to control your shots, the SuperStroke Cross Comfort is a smart choice.

What to Look For When Buying Golf Grips For Small Hands?

Now that you don’t have to spend so much time on your search for new golf grips, it’s smart to understand the subtle differences between grip types.

Finding a grip that works for your swing can take a bit of trial and error. However, once you find a great option, you will see the difference it can make in your game. 

What Happens If A Grip Is Too Small For The Golfers Hands? 

If a golf grip is too small for a player’s hands, they may grip the club too tight and hit the ball to the left. Grips that are too small tend to give golfers a bit too much control.

With the added control, players grip the club harder and try to manipulate the flight of the ball a bit too much. 

What Happens If A Grip Is Too Large For The Golfers Hands? 

If a golf grip is too large for a player, they will continually feel as though they can’t make the club do what they need it to do.

The clubface will be hard to square up, and certain positions in the swing will be hard to reach. If the golf grip is too large many people notice that the ball tends to fly to the right more often than not. 

Players that switch to a grip that fits their hands properly are going to instantly feel as though it is easier to hit the ball straight. 


Finding the right grip size is just as important for your golf swing as it is to find the right length and lie angle for your golf clubs.

The Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G is the best overall golf grip choice for small hands.

With the 2G in place, you will have plenty of traction and a tacky feeling on the club. This helps to control the club and leads to much lower scores on the golf course.

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