5 Best Putters Under $100 in 2022

Golf putters are the most frequently used gear in a golfer’s bag. Without the putter, getting the ball into the hole will be impossible. Fortunately, golf putters aren’t highly-priced like the golf drivers, woods, and irons.

Finding durable and high-quality putters below $100 is quite a daunting experience. When you stumble upon one, they don’t have the perfect functionality you are looking for in a putter. Luckily all is not lost; I have a detailed guide with the best five putters that cost below $100.

Why should you trust my recommendations? I have more than ten years of experience playing golf professionally. Over the years, I have used different golf putters from different brands, and I have mastered the art of picking the golf putter. I know what important metrics make a golf putter stand out compared to the rest.

I did extensive consultation with another golf enthusiast when compiling the list of the best putters. While the price was a key factor in compiling the list, we also looked at the key metrics: putter head, length, balance, loft, and grip. With these metrics, we reviewed and tested the various golf putters in the market, which cost less than $100.

Our Picks for Best Putters under $100 in 2021

Here are the putters under 100 – Tried & Tested

Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach #1 Golf Putter





  • Stainless steel construction
  • A one-piece head construction design
  • Precision milling for a soft grip and feel
  • Classic blade design


  • Some athletes might find it too light

At number 1, we have the Huntington Beach golf putter from Cleveland. Huntington Beach golf putter with precision milling has an end product with a consistent roll and soft feel. The Cleveland putters are available in different styles, but this one comes in a blade design golf putter. 304 Stainless Steel has been used in constructing the putter, giving it a classy finish.

Athletes with an arch in their putting stroke will greatly benefit from the Huntington Beach golf putter. Cleveland has used a unique design on the putter’s face that ensures the ball gets a reliable roll. Due to its construction, the golf putter is suitable for all golf players, even the low handicap athletes. The high MOI of the putter is impressive. The putter’s diamond CNC pattern provides athletes with a solid roll.



Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter (Right Hand)





  • Mallet head design is great
  • The standard length of 34-inches
  • Top-quality feels with substantial weight
  • Customized PGX headcover


  • Clubhead paint chips easily without proper care

The Pinemeadow PGX golf putter is specifically designed for male athletes, featuring an impressive and precise white finish that comes in handy in aligning and stands out in a green putting.  Pinemeadow has added an extra 40g weight on the PGX Mallet putter’s design to make the putter feel like a high-quality golf putter. With a weight of 380g, the golf putter is suitable for faster greens, which are more common in golf.

The Pinemeadow PGX golf putter is suitable for a wide variety of athletes. It has a standard length of 34-inches. It’s also useful for golfers who can’t align and put game using distance control. The golf putter comes with a customized PGX headcover. The white finish needs proper maintenance and care to maintain its durability. The golf putter is best for right-hand golfing.



Pinemeadow Golf Site 4 Putter (Men’s, Right Hand)





  • Easy alignment options
  • Mallet head shape and size achieve easy distance control
  • Great balance


  • Dull coloring
  • The putter head is light

Athletes looking for the best balance but at an affordable rate will be greatly impressed by the Pinemeadow Golf Site 4 golf putter. The golf putter features the popular huge clubhead designs. The Golf Site 4 Putter is more forgiving, thanks to the low center of gravity.  The design and construction of the putter are loved by golfers who prefer a slightly forward pressing in a golfing session.

It’s easy to align the Pinemeadow Golf Site 4 golf putter. It comes with various alignment line options that ensure the ball hits the target.  The putter has a mallet head design. The size of the mallet head design is useful for players struggling with distance control, especially the mid and high handicappers.



MacGregor Golf MacTec 04 Extreme MOI Putter, Right Hand





  • Easy to control
  • Very handy to mid and high handicappers
  • High MOI
  • Easy to control the distance


  • Not suitable for low handicappers

The 34-inches MacGregor Golf MacTec 04 Extreme MOI golf putter is an affordable golf putter from MacGregor. The putter features a unique MacGregor clubhead design and substantial inertia.  The putter’s high MOI ensures the golf ball is in the proper line and maintains its course. Athletes using the extreme MOI will not experience the golf ball wavering or wobbling.

MacGregor has included an ARC Tech Face milling, which is very helpful in mastering the art of managing the golfing distance. The putter has a standard length of 34-inches, making it versatile and comfortable enough for a wide variety of golfers. Mid and high handicappers will greatly benefit from the MacGregor Golf MacTec 04 Extreme MOI golf putter compared to the low handicappers due to the design of the golf putter.



Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR500 Putter





  • Simplified alignment
  • Mid-size grip
  • Excellent visual appeal


  • Very different from the traditional design
  • Fairly lightweight

Despite being an old model, the Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR500 golf putter competes well with more modern golf putter models. The golf putter still uses very efficient technology useful to an athlete. It comes with a mid-size grip, very instrumental to golfers who frequently use their hands when putting stroke. The right-handed golf putter has a Lie of 70 degrees and a loft of 3 degrees. Combined use of the hands and wrists results in inconsistent putting strokes.

The golf putter allows for easy alignment. The alignment lines on the putter are clear, pointing towards the hole. Ray Cook has used a very appealing color combination on the golf putter. The black, red, and white coloring contrast well with green putting. Hence it’s easier for the athlete to square and set up. Ray Cook golf putters are high quality and are featured in PGA Tour events.



Buying Guide: What should you expect from a golf putter under $100?

Golf putters are crucial for golfers who want optimal performance in the greens. While most high-quality and reliable golf putters are highly-priced, players can still find very reliable putters under $100. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a good putter that optimizes your performance.

When shopping for the best golf putters, it’s important to consider the following key metrics.

The putter’s head

Professional golfers will confirm that the design of the putter’s head plays an important role in optimizing performance. Different brands use different designs, with the blade or mallet putter head. Due to the different head designs, athletes are provided with various golf putters ranging in sizes and weight.  The design will determine the athlete’s shooting diversity.

The oldest golf putters are the blade putters. They are commonly referred to as the original putters and have smaller heads. The blade putters have a balanced face and are suitable for athletes with a straight golf putting stroke.

The mallet-shaped putters come with enhanced stability due to their larger putter head. Different manufacturers apply different alignments and shapes to the rear section of the putter.  Putters with the deep design enhance alignment of the putters creating a lower and deeper COG (center of gravity). They also increase MOI (Moment of Inertia) for reduced spins.  Mallet-shaped putters are most suitable for athletes with arcs in their putting strokes.

When it comes to picking the best head design, players need to consider their golfing needs and their putting strokes. The best golf putter will optimize your performance in the field and still be comfortable.


The golf putters in the market have different lengths.  The shaft length greatly impacts the height and position of the athlete when putting stroke. While the standard length for most athletes is 34-inches, it’s crucial to pick the putter with an optimal shaft length. The best shaft length will have an easier grip and create the optimal cutting position.


Putters with a balanced face are designed with an upwards face when the putter’s shaft is balanced on the player’s finger.  With this design, the putter´s COG is below the putter’s axis. Putters with a face-balanced design are the best for athletes with straight putting strokes. They have less opening during a backswing and less closing during a follow-through.

We also have toe-balanced putters. When balanced on the athlete’s finger, these putters point the toe directly to the ground. Therefore the COG of the putters isn’t below the putter’s axis.  Unlike the face-balanced putters, the toe-balanced putters are more likely to close and open during the stroke. Hence they are most suitable for athletes with an arc in their putting strokes.

Different brands have different putter balances. Like length, the best balance is solely dependent on the athlete’s putting style.  Putters can fall with some level of toe hanging. With the most optimal balance, golfers will enjoy consistency while gaming.


Golf putters have different lofts. Unlike the other features like length, which are regulated, there are no standards that guide the most optimal loft angle for putters. The loft angle varies from one brand to another. Most of the golf putters in the market use a standard three degrees loft angle. 


All sporting gear and equipment are created to offer athletes the best grip. A good and comfortable grip not only ensures there is optimal performance while playing but also reduces the chances of getting injured. Brands consider the different hands of players when coming up with an optimal grip.  Grips vary in size depending on the hand size of the golfers.

Many brands have opted to use an oversize grip on their putters. The oversize grip stabilizes the golfer’s putting stroke.  Different brands use different features to ensure their golf putters have the best grip to golfers.

Ailment Aids

Golfers are frequently faced with the dilemma of knowing the most optimal point of hitting the golf ball. While this challenge is more frequent with novice players, it can be experienced by any athlete. Golf putters with alignment markings make it easy to identify the optimal hitting point while golfing. The alignment markings indicate the point where the golf putter’s impact will be maximum. 

The alignment aids are very useful to both professional and novice golfers.

The above buying guide pointers will greatly help any golfer looking for a reliable putter with an all-weather grip. Performance and accuracy should be given utmost priority when evaluating the various features of golf putters. 


The golf putter is a golfing club used in every hole. Every athlete wants a reliable golf putter that meets their budget and golfing needs. The best golf putter will make your gaming session more enjoyable by driving your scores. Most golfers want a fully fitted putter, and the only challenge is the fully fitted putter tends to be highly priced.

Our guide carefully analyzed the key metrics athletes should consider when shopping for a reliable putter. We also compiled a list of the best golf putters with a price tag lower than $100.

The Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach takes the topmost position due to its impeccable functionality and features. The golf putter has a diamond-patterned precisely milled face, soft feel, simple alignment lines, and single-piece head design. Other top brands which have features on our list are Pinemeadow and MacGregor.

Our guide doesn’t include all the best putters under $100; we intend on updating it frequently. Nevertheless, we are certain the above putters will meet the feel and strokes of athletes. Hence the athletes will put lower scores on their scorecards.

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