Best Putters Of All Time: Expert Review and Buyer’s Guide

Some golf putters come and go, and others will remain on the market for many years.

If you are looking for a classic type golf putter and you want to ensure that you have it in your rotation for years to come, you may want to consider one of the best putters of all time.

We have put together a list of the best golf putters of all time and a few tips to help you choose the one that is best for you.

As a PGA Professional, I can assure you that through the years, I have had a few of these unique putters in my golf bag. 

Best Putters of All Time

Best Putter of All Time: Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 Putter


  • Classic Newport Scotty Cameron design 
  • Midsize grip for less wrist action 
  • Great balance and low vibration at impact


  • Scotty Cameron is always an expensive golf putter

You will have a hard time finding a golfer that will call the Scotty Cameron Newport a bad putter. This is one of the most classic blade putters that the game has ever seen.

Its feel is unmatched, and the alignment lines and look of this putter truly put it ahead of the competition. 

In all honesty, this is the putter that I have in my bag. I’ve always had a Newport, and I don’t see myself ever-changing. 

Something about this putter gives me the confidence that I need and helps me to feel as though I have control over the putter’s head. 

The Newport 2 has a 303 stainless steel face inlay and more vibration dampening material than previous models. You will find that the balance and the appearance will quickly move this club up your list as one of the best putters you have ever had. 

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Runner Up 1: Odyssey Golf 2021 White Hot OG Putter


  • Original White hot formulation
  • Great feel and sound
  • This putter is proven to work to help players with alignment and control


  • Not the best choice for those with the straight back straight through putting stroke

Although this is not the original Odyssey 2 ball putter, it is just a remake of the original. The original Odyssey 2 ball putter head was a revolution in the world of golf.

The idea and concept of watching the golf balls as they roll into the hole are what sets the Odyssey apart. 

When you look down at the Odyssey 2021 White Hot OG Putter, you will be able to envision the ball rolling end over end into the hole. The new White Hot OG has a new silver PVD finish with fine milling on all the surfaces

This means that the putter face and the putter head will remain in great shape for years to come. 

Although the Odyssey is a mallet putter, it still looks like the traditional mallet putter. Now that the game of golf has changed so much the mallet style putters have gotten much larger, and it is a different look for players. 

Odyssey Golf 2021 White Hot OG Putter

Runner Up 2: Ping Heppler Anser 2 Putter


  • Classic blade design 
  • One of the best early putters on the market
  • Soft feel 
  • Perfect for avid golfers or beginners 
  • Heel toe balance 


  • New Heppler coloration does not look exactly like the original

The original Ping Anser putter is really the reason that the Ping golf company still exists today. If you are a golfer over the age of 30, chances are you had an Anser Putter in your golf bag at some point.

The Anser is a classic blade style putter that has made another appearance this year in the Heppler Anser 2 Putter with adjustable length

The Ping Answer has the same heel toe weighting that the original Anser 2 featured. The new Heppler line of products features a unique color blocking approach that really makes these blade putters stand out. 

In addition, this adjustable length technology is an excellent choice for anyone’s golf game. Most players are currently using a golf putter that is a bit too long for their game. 

If you switch to something like the Ping Heppler, you can change the length of your putter to perfectly suit your needs as a player. This is tremendously beneficial technology.

Spider Tour Double Bend Black Putter

Best Modern Design


  • Preferred by many professionals in the golf industry 
  • Provides a very consistent roll 
  • One of the most stable putters at impact 
  • Vibration free sweet spot


  • So many models to choose from it can be challenging to decide what is best for your game

A few years ago, we could say that the Spider Tour was the best new putter on the market. However, now that this model has been around for quite some time, it can certainly go on the best putters of all time list. 

With the impact, the Spider putter has had on the PGA Tour and the fact that players literally refuse to take this club out of their bag, there is no question the Spider Putter is a great choice for the avid golfer. 

One of the things that you will find about the Spider Tour is that there are several different models to choose from. If you need toe hang putters or something that is counter balanced or face balanced, there is likely a Spider putter to match. 

Even with the large club head size, the putter has a softer feel. The alignment features on the Spider golf putters is what really lead to players making more putts.

Cleveland Golf 2135 Satin 1.0 Oversize Grip Putter

Best Value Putter Of All Time


  • Helps players with alignment
  • Oversized grip
  • It comes with head cover
  • Classic offset hosel 


  • Some will say the smooth roll is not as good as Cameron or an Odyssey putter

The Cleveland Golf 2135 Putter design is a classic looking putter that has the soft feel that a better putter should have.

The Cleveland Golf company is well known for its short game products. If you want a good putter and a good wedge, you can count on Cleveland to get it done for you. 

The Cleveland Golf 2135 comes with an oversized grip to help players that struggle with getting their hands a bit too involved with their stroke. 

If you want to make more center strikes choose something that works for your natural stroke, Cleveland will have many different models to help. 

Personally, I think that the face milling on this putter is what sets it apart. If you are like me and would rather not have too much of an insert on your putter face, this is a great option to consider. 

This is an option that makes it easy to consistently hit short putts directly into the back of the cup. 

Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 #1 Ladies Putter

Best For Women


  • Built specifically for the female golfer
  • Counterbalanced grip 
  • Blade putter style


  • Some mallet putter heads are a bit more forgiving and consistent

Aside from the length of the club, there is not all that much difference between a woman’s golf putter and a men’s golf putter. Most women’s putters have a slightly lighter head, and the putter will be closer to 33 inches in length. 

When women are looking for the right putter for their game, they don’t have to consider just women’s putters. 

However, the Odyssey brand always puts out a few choices that are perfect for a woman golfer looking for a consistent forward roll. 

The Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Ladies Putter is a perfect choice if you are looking for forgiveness on off center shots and consistent speed and distance control.

The traditional Odyssey insert also gives these putters a soft feel

Pinemeadow Golf PGX MB Putter

Best for Beginners


  • Great putter for the high handicap player 
  • More forgiving than a blade putter
  • Clean looking club 
  • Easy alignment 
  • Easy distance control


  • Not a great option for the player that is worried about feel and control on fast greens

A golf putter for beginners is one that makes it easier to learn how to hit the ball consistently and solidly. The company that almost always seems to come through for the beginner player is Pinemeadow. 

Pinemeadow makes putters to look like the top of the line models on the market, yet they come at just a fraction of the price. This new PGX MB is a great looking option with a deep head design. 

You will have a much easier time being accurate with a putter like this in your golf bag. 

The clean finish needs to be taken care of by using the head cover; otherwise, it will start to come off; this is not quite as high quality of a putter as some of the other options on the market.

The putter comes with a standard grip, and it is a face balanced model. 

Buyers Guide

We hope that you now feel as though you have a better idea about some of the best golf putters of all time. Chances are you have seen some of these used on the PGA Tour.

When players like Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus use a putter, it makes us all wonder if it could be a good fit for our game.

Golf putters have become more complicated through the years, and it pays to know what your putter should have to help you succeed. 

What Is The Best Putter For An Average Golfer? 

The average golfer needs a putter that is both easy to control and a little bit forgiving. Let’s face it; you must find a putter that allows you to strike the golf ball consistently. 

Putting is, without a doubt, the most important part of the game. If your hands are shaking when you put them on your putter grip, you will have no shot at becoming a great golf putter. Therefore, it makes sense to find a putter specifically suited for your game.

The best putter for an average golfer is the Odyssey 2 Ball putter. This new model is even better than the original mallet style putter with the same name. The feel has been improved, along with the grip and the putter head weight. 

The technology and theories behind why this putter work still hold true today, and it’s a smart choice for any average golfer. 

What Putter Length Do I Need? 

Did you notice that one of the best putter choices on our list had an adjustable length shaft. This is because the length of the putter is one of the most important factors in choosing the best club for your game. 

If your putter length is correct, you can get yourself into the proper stance and have your eyes over the golf ball; you will become a much better putter. 

Most golfers will purchase the 35 inch stock putter thinking it is a good fit for their game. However, the average putter length on the PGA Tour and the best putter length for the average golfer are much closer to 34 inches. 

If you fall below the height range of standard putters (usually around 5’5”), then the 33 inch putter tends to be the best length for your game. You need to be aware of the length of your putter for both blade putters and mallet putters. 

Is A Blade Putter Or A Mallet Putter The Best Putter? 

If we had a penny for every time, we were asked this question. 

One of the things that all golfers like to ask is, “Which is better?”

The truth is, for some of these questions, there is no right or wrong answer. The blade putter and the mallet putter can both be good, as long as they are used by the right player. 

The blade putter is typically used by the golfer that is more of a traditionalist. In addition, the blade putter head also helps golfers that are accustomed to swinging with an arc type stroke. If you have an arc stroke, the blade putter is easier to manipulate and square up. 

For golfers that have more of a straight back and straight through golf stroke, the mallet head putter seems to be ideal. With the evolution of the game of golf, mallet head putters are getting more and more complicated and involved. 

If you like something that looks simple and has clean lines go with the blade. If you would rather have modern golf technology and a very large sweet spot, the mallet style is better. 

Why Are Putters So Expensive? 

Years ago, a new putter for your bag may have cost around $100. Today, the putters are often selling for $500 or more. Certainly, this has to do with the materials and the technologies used to create these high performing putters. 

The golf manufacturers have finally caught on to the fact that the putter is the most important club in the bag.  

When you are purchasing your new golf putter, try to keep in mind how often you will use the club. Considering you will need this club at least once on every hole, it’s smart to invest in a club that feels right for your golf game. 

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We hope that you enjoyed the list of the best putters of all time. There is no question that golf putters have changed; however, the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 still remains at the top of the list.

The Newport 2 has everything a player could want from a high performing and impressive putter head. The feel, the consistency, and the overall clean alignment lines will make the Scotty Cameron stand out for years to come.

This is genuinely a putter that you could purchase and use for the rest of your golfing career.


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